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Stubborn pain and injury can

affect your daily lifestyle

It can be a huge pain in the butt




the source

Our Physiotherapists work with you to treat the source of the pain and show you how to prevent it from recurring.


By using targeted exercises and treatments, we can help you decrease or manage the pain, and increase and restore your mobility, strength and functionality.

Physiotherapy can improve

your quality of life

How can Physiotherapy help you?

Recovery or prevention

of sports injury

Musculoskeletal injuries are an inevitable result of sport participation. Muscle or tendon strain, ligament sprain, even lower back pain are very common sports injuries. Physiotherapists can help with sports injuries by strengthening specific parts of the body and using muscles in new ways. By designing appropriate rehabilitation plans or prevention exercise programs, they can ensure a safe return to the same activity.

Relief from chronic pain

or acute injury

Did you know 1 in 5 Canadians have experienced chronic pain? It can stop you dead in your tracks and negatively affect your lifestyle. A physiotherapist can provide you with self-management strategies and

therapeutic exercises to help reduce the pain so you can take back control of your life. Getting pain relief in the early stages of an acute or painful injury helps speed up recovery and may help decrease the risk of developing chronic pain. Your physiotherapist will guide your rehabilitation and show you techniques to help prevent re-injury. By addressing your injury or illness early on, you can return to your normal activity and lifestyle.

Avoid surgery

Although there are situations when surgery is inevitable, in some

cases, physiotherapy can delay or eliminate the need for surgery. Physiotherapy can aid in pain management and easing symptoms such as weakness and pain, by crafting individualized plans to strengthen muscles, joints and ligaments. It can also help delay or eliminate the need of joint replacement surgery.

Improve balance

Muscle weakness and reduced activity levels are very common

factors which can lead to loss of balance. Physiotherapy can improve your joint and muscle function, and increase the body’s ability to react. By using targeted exercises, you can strengthen your muscles, body awareness and mobility which will help to improve your balance and reduce your risk of having a fall.

If you are suffering with pain or injury that’s stopping you from doing the things you love, our physiotherapists can help by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation. Don't live with the pain any longer.

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